Established 2002 - Cross River, NY

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JJYL Alumni Players and Families,

Please consider renewing your membership to JJYL and help “Play it Forward” in 2018.  The kids of JJYL and future JJ lacrosse players need your help!

Over the past 16 years John Jay Youth lacrosse has introduced and developed hundreds of youth lacrosse players.  JJYL set the foundation for hundreds of students to forward their lacrosse, athletic, and academic careers – in high school, college, and even professionally.  It began with JJYL for so many like you.  We are a membership organization that relies on support from current families and lacrosse alumni like you.

JJYL is continuing to build the program by offering teams from K-8th grade for boys and girls, providing better coaching and schedules, scholarship programs, and offering free equipment to first year players, and organizing fall training programs. 

In 2018, JJYL is taking important steps to dramatically reduce registration costs for all players and deliver an even better experience for all players.  The cost of the equipment and teams can be a big expense for families.  JJYL relies on member donations to help cover the full costs of the programs. We are a membership based and non-profit organization.  We are reaching out to you – our former member, alums and players, to renew your membership and support the young John Jay players. Help them to grow and prosper through the game like you or your children.

Please consider a donation of $10, $20, $50 or more to support JJYL in 2018.  A donation of $195 will support one of our younger players for a full season.  $350 makes it possible to support one of our older players for a full season.  

YOUR DONATION WILL BE MATCHED -  JJYL alums and parents have created a $10,000 matching gift program.  For every dollar raised above, the program will match your gift dollar for dollar.  Your membership donation goes further and ensures JJYL’s ability to deliver the improvements outlined above.

At what level would you like to join JJYL Support?

$10 - $49

Member & Sponsor

$50 - $99

Crease Club

$100 - $199

Man- Up Team

$200 - $499

Fast Break Circle

$500 - $999

Bar Down Club

$1,000 - $4,999

Purple and White Team

$5,000 +

Founding Member


JJYL is a registered 501(c)(3) and not-for-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible.  We hope that all our members of our community will consider donating to this capital fund for the good of the game and our community.