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Katonah-Lewisboro School District adopted the New York State Athletic Placement Process (“APP”) which allows 8th grade students to try out for certain High School sports teams, including lacrosse.  

The JJYL policy regarding 8th grade boys and girls is as follows:

8th grade boys and girls players that make and decide to play on a John Jay High School lacrosse team may not also play on a JJYL team in the same season.  In order to play on a JJYL team, the player must be fully committed to attend all JJYL practices.  Based on our experience, it is not feasible to do so when practicing with the JV five days a week. 

We do encourage players who wish to tryout for a John Jay High School team to also register for JJYL and attend our player evaluations in March. This will ensure they are placed on the appropriate youth team if they do not make a High School team.  Any player who registers for JJYL and then makes and opts to play on a John Jay JV or Varsity team will receive a full refund of JJYL registration fees if notice is received in writing before the season begins.

One of the JJHS requirements to tryout for JV is a coaches recommendation. Please note that the coaches recommendation to tryout for JV is given by the JV coaches during an open gym format and not through your JJYL or club coach. Dates on the open gym will be communicated and announced by the high school. For more information on the APP process, including proper paperwork and physical testing required, please reach out to the John Jay HS Athletic Department.