Established 2002 - Cross River, NY

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As part of the registration process for 2014, members will be required to vote on a new set of updated bylaws for John Jay Youth Lacrosse.  

The original bylaws date back to 2003 and have served the program well over the past 10 years.  As the program has developed and grown over time, the Board, in conjunction with outside legal counsel, have performed a thorough review of the current ?JJYL bylaws over the last six months.  As part of our work, the Board compared the bylaws of other local youth lacrosse and sports programs in the area to understand “best practices.” As a result we determined that several changes are needed in order to continue the growth and success of the program and to more practically manage the day-day functions of the club. One example is that the old bylaws discuss paper registration at an annual registration event which is no longer applicable because all registration is currently completed online.  Another example stemming from advice of our legal counsel and the practices of other is to create two documents: (1) a set of bylaws addressing the structural and managerial aspects of governing the club; and (2) a separate Board approved document outlining Club policies such as coaching requirements and team structures).

At a regular Board meeting in December, the Board has voted and approved the new set of bylaws. The policies were also adopted by the Board.  We believe that the changes to the bylaws, while largely administrative are important and will allow JJYL continued success in providing youth lacrosse to the families of the Katonah-Lewisboro school district.   

The new bylaws and club policies are available for viewing by clicking on the appropriate link below. During the registration process, JJYL member families can vote on whether to accept the proposed by-laws.  Votes will be tallied at the close of registration and by majority, the bylaws will be approved or sent back to the Board for further consideration.