Established 2002 - Cross River, NY

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Follow these steps to register:

1.Click on the applicable program at the bottom of this page.

2. To register a child, you will need a valid e-mail address. If you registered children for the previous season, login using the e-mail address and password you used last year as the system has saved all your information. If you have forgotten your password, simply put in your e-mail address and the system will e-mail your password. If you are new to the system, follow the instructions on creating a new account within the system. (Please make sure you check in your spam filter before contacting us to say that you did not receive your password.)

3. Once you receive your password and login, you will then be prompted to enter the information necessary to register your child. If you do not know your child's US Lacrosse number, please leave that field blank.

4. John Jay Youth Lacrosse requires that every child is a member of US Lacrosse. Registration with US Lacrosse is integrated into our registration process. Cost is $30 for youth players, and payment to US Lacrosse is handled via this one process. Benefits of membership can be found here.

5. You are then directed to a page asking for additional information (including volunteer information, charitable contributions, and liability waiver).

6. The final window includes information on payment. Please note that after you register a child, you will be allowed the option of registering additional children before submitting payment. Payment can be made with a MasterCard or Visa Credit Card only.