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JJYL Year Round Boys Lacrosse Curriculum

JJYL Boys Year-Round Grade-Based Curriculum


Key Aspects for Success

Growth. Development. Community



Purpose: A systematic approach to teaching the game of lacrosse with milestones at each grade to ensure players are ready and able to compete at the high school level and beyond.  Drive the growth and love of the game to increase boys youth participation and encourage them to put the sticks in their hands year round. 


Keys to Practices

- Must have a practice plan 

-        Need to know your focus for the day. 

-        Know why you are doing a drill and let the players know why

-        Fundamentals must be worked on at every practice, including footwork  

-        Must include uptempo drills

-        Maximize quality touches

-        Minimize standing around

-        Balance teaching with fun drills

-        Change the drills

-        Create healthy competition


 Skills Focused by Grade 


Much of the youth game is played in transition rather than organized offensive sets however at certain grades players should have an understanding of concepts of defense and offense. By the end of each spring season, our goal is to have every player understand and be able to execute the following:


Grade K/1

-        hands placement 

-        Stick placement 

-        Cradling 

-        Running through ground balls***

-        Throwing and catching with BOTH hands 

-        Shooting technique 

-        Defensive approach and technique


Grade 2/3 (everything in k/1 plus) 

-        Rotating players for a goalie 

-        Switching Hands 

-        Dodging - roll/face/split

-        Footwork/Angles

-        Offensive concept 

a.     Balance (have someone at x)

b.     Passing 


-        Defense

a.     Understanding the term of marking up 

b.     Understanding of body positioning 

c.      Stick Placement and positioning 


Grade 3/4  (everything in previous grades plus)

-        Have a designated goalie by 4th grade, no more rotating 

-        Emphasis on educating players on the rules of the game

-        Emphasis on transition and number recognition

-        Offensive concepts:

a.     Introduce formations - 1-3-2  & Open - *level based (dodge, move, react)

b.     Beating the defensive player in front of you, going to the net, shooting if it is an open shot or passing to an adjacent player 

c.      Focus on dodging         

d.     Creating space - “2 second rule” on the crease

e.     2 man game introduce

-        Defense Concept: 

a.     Man to man 

b.     Introduce the term help defense 

c.      Introduce help, 1st slide, 2nd slide


Grade 5/6:  Beyond Fundamentals  (everything in previous grades plus) 

-        Offensive concept 

a.     Continue understanding and implementing formation(s)

b.     Importance of off-ball play

c.      Ride: Man to Man 

d.     Clears

e.     Transition drills - fast/slow break “express”, EMO

-        Defensive Concept 

a.     Doubling (1st slide) 

b.     Second slide

c.      Ride 

d.     Clears

e.     Rotation on fast break, EMD


Grade 7/8: Beyond Fundamentals & Lax IQ  (everything in previous grades plus) 

-        Offensive concept 

a.     2 sets should be implemented and executed 

b.     Fast break, Slow break, to sets

c.      Stall calls 

d.     Introduce a zone ride 

-        Defensive Concept 

a.     Man to man should be understood and executed 

b.     Zone should be introduced 

c.      Pressing out when you are down 

d.     Clear plays

e.     Zone ride placement 


Please remember: 

-        All players have a role

-        Team offense is crucial to success, do not just focus on the goal scorer, an assist and a goal are both points 

-        Defense does not work if all players do not communicate, teach them specific language (help, double, cutter, rebound, with you, leaving, you’re alone) 

-        Teach them to pass the ball down the field, run and gun only works for so long

-        Teach concepts : this helps develops lacrosse IQ

-        Encourage wall ball






2023-2024 Full Year - Season Curriculum


Fall 2023

Up to 6 Fall Clinics hosted by High School Coaches & Players (4 guaranteed, 2 makeup/bonus sessions)

-        Mondays @ Katonah Park

-        1.15 minutes

-        Grades 1-8 (as of 2023-24 school year): focus on skills & development

-        Separate training for new players

-     Dates: Sept 11, 18, 25 and October 2, 16 and 23 (last two are bonus/makeups)

-     Times: 5:30 - 6:45 p.m.




Winter 2023-2024

Up to 5 Winter Clinics hosted by Special Guests (College & Pro Players/Coaches)

-        Sundays @ Elev8 (Jan-March)

-        Position-specific training (Offense, Defense, Goalies, Faceoff)

-        Grades 1-8 (as of 2023-24 school year): focus on skills & development

-       Dates: Jan 7, 21 and Feb 4, 11, 25  (last session is bonus/makeup)

-       Special guest coaches from NCAA/PLL teams



Spring 2024

Pre-Season Training Camp (Tues-Thurs) hosted by High School Coaches & Players

March Team-Based Clinics Series – something to supplement field time prior to team practices

Use fundraising to secure indoor/outdoor space for grades 3-4, 5-6 and 7-8 if needed

Focus on fundamentals and team-based concepts

Give teams a jumpstart on season / prepare for first games

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