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Equipment Loaner Program


JJYL will not be running a traditional loaner program this fall, however you can sign up for the loaner program by purchasing your own gear at Lacrosse Unlimited and if you decide lacrosse is not right for your son, we will reimburse you for what JJYL normally pays for equipment based on the gear we purchase for our loaner program as follows:

  • Cascade Helmets ($90)
  • STX or Maverick Shoulder Pads with HART guard ($50)
  • STX or Maverick Arm Pads ($25)
  • STX or Maverick Gloves ($25)
  • StringKing Complete Junior Sticks ($50) (note: ideal for players 5th grade and below -- will work for players in grades 6-8, or you may want to purchase your own stick)

If you purchase gear other than what is listed above, we cannot purchase it back.   

If you wish to participate in this loaner buy back program for the Fall 2022, you must do the following

- e-mail to let us know you are participating in the program by 9/15/2022.

- e-mail us a photo of your receipt showing the new gear that was purchased (must be dated between 8/21/2022 and 9/15/2022 to qualify for buy back program and all gear must be fully listed on receipt)

- Let us know via email that you plan to return the gear and actually return it by November 1, 2022 to be reimbursed


Starting in 2022, all players participating with JJYL must follow new standards in shoulder pad gear to protect against commotio cordis*, a potentially fatal condition.

This new requirement - which is aimed at protecting our kids �?????�????�???�??�?�¢?? means all shoulder pads worn by youth field players must meet the NOCSAE performance standard ND200 (read about it here) in order to be deemed legal for play. All protective shoulder & chest pads meeting the new NOCSAE ND200 standard will feature a noticeably larger and more robust chest plate specifically designed to help shield the cardiac system from ball impact. All shoulder and chest pads meeting the new ND200 standard must have an SEI certification mark like below to be considered legal for play in 2022.

JJYL has partnered with Lacrosse Unlimited to offer you a wide selection of pads to meet these new standards. Due to this new rule going into effect on January 2022 and the supply constraints manufacturers are still experiencing, it is highly recommended you upgrade to these new pads today as stock is predicted to be low or nonexistent next year.

You can order from the link below - choose the pads that best meet your needs. Note that the Maverick EKG Charger pads are great quality that we use in our loaner program. You should also know that if you participated in our loaner program in 2020 or 2021 (this past season) your son�?????�????�???�??�?�¢??s pads should meet this standard (if you have any questions email us

Order your pads here:

We believe these new shoulder pad requirements, combined with our new AEDs (thanks to the overwhelming generosity of our community) will help keep our kids safe!


* Commotio cordis most commonly results from an impact to the chest with a hardball (e.g., a baseball or lacrosse ball) during sports activity. The sudden focal distortion of the myocardium results in ventricular fibrillation, causing sudden cardiac arrest in an otherwise structurally normal heart.

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